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☀Re: hey that was unexpected


I’ve found something really amazing, I didn’t expect that products would be so cool, check it out continue reading

See you around, rocco pierro

From: qawe26tepi [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2017 7:07 PM
To: rocco.p12@libero.it
Subject: Sasuga EE-Sama!

1. Alan wake collector’s edition, or CIV 5 please 🙂

2. Bioshock Infinite is the first game I’ve played when I built my first PC. It was beautiful.

3. Looking forward to MGS The Phantom Pain. I used to play the original on the PS1 when I was a kid. great story.

4. Half life 3

Edit: guys, please, don’t downvote people. giving everybody an up.

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