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hey! new stuff

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Hi friend!

Just look at that new stuff, I was amazed so much, you have to take a look here–

Bests, rocco pierro

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🔥Residual income

settembre 2, 2017 Lascia un commento

While I wouldn’t say affiliate marketing is entirely residual, it does provide somewhat of a passive income source. Meaning, the amount of money I make is not tied to my time.

I don’t get paid by the hour, I get paid per sale, and since my websites are working 24/7/365, sometimes I sell things and make money using affiliate programs while I’m sleeping. Waking up in the morning only to see I’ve made money overnight is a feeling that never gets old.

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at long last

agosto 6, 2017 Lascia un commento

Hi friend!

At long last my prayers were answered and they have published my book, you can find more info about it here read more

Warmly, rocco pierro

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That’s awesome man. I love it when people coax magic out of underrated synths. I’ve always had a special fondness for the AN1x – I bought one on eBay years ago but I got scammed and it was DOA, so unfortunately all I’ve ever been able to go on are internet sound demos. But maybe one day I’ll come across a used one locally… Anyway, let us know if you end up using your newly-unleashed AN1x in any songs. Would love to check it out.

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Dem donors buzzing about Kamala Harris

luglio 18, 2017 Lascia un commento


The Bridgehampton event, where Harris mingled with top donors and supporters of Hillary Clinton, was open message

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Subject: Who wants a 4790K?

Political: Who has leadership of Mars’ colonizers? Their home governments on Earth? New ones? What is Mars’ political structure? Is Mars open to new colonists from Earth? Is it Isolationist? How is trade managed?

Social: What is the ideal social structure like on a world being colonized in this way? What are the social implications for family members left behind? What are the rights of colonists from different governments? How do you create a socio-political structure from scratch?

Legal: Who owns Mars? Who has the right to colonize? Who has land ownership rights? What about resource rights? Who has legal jurisdiction over crime on Mars?

Ethical: Is it acceptable to terraform if doing so has a high probability of killing indigenous creatures, or destroying evidence of previous life? Terraforming is likely to erase evidence of a large portion of the geologic history of Mars. Is that acceptable before scientists have had the opportunity to study and catalog the planet, at length, beforehand? Is it acceptable to erase part of the history of the universe, when alternatives are available?

And yes, Mars may have rights as a piece of land, unique in all the universe, to be preserved from human interference and intervention. Should we tear down Mount Everest for resources, simply because we could make use of them? Mine the entire face of the Moon, destroying it’s historical objects and causing irreparable surface damage? Or sequester the oceans of Earth to have complete control over the water cycle? At what point do we, as a species, no longer have a moral right to increase our own resources at the expense of natural beauty? Do we have the right to deny all of our descendants the opportunity to see Mars as the universe made it? Environmental ethics, planetary ethics, and other such questions are very difficult to answer.

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mente creativa

ottobre 1, 2016 Lascia un commento


Ho incontrato una persona adorabile di recente con una mente creativa, devi dare un’occhiata ai suoi lavori

In fede,rocco pierro

wow, bella roba

settembre 15, 2016 Lascia un commento


C’è della bella roba che ho trovato sul web, dai un’occhiata

Mandato dal mio iPhone,rocco pierro